Contact Centre Productivity

Contact Centre productivity depends heavily on agents' ability to complete a customer interaction in a timely manner. For this, they must be able to navigate with ease the back office systems aligned with the centre's functions.


All too often, centres which have overlooked the importance of easy navigation find that talk time is only half of agent call handling time. Taking satisfaction from calls being answered in under half a minute is delusional if the agent struggles, the customer is kept waiting and productivity lags. Yes, customers want to be attended to promptly but much more importantly, they want the interaction to flow to conclusion, not be delayed when agents fall silent while retrieving information that is not at their finger-tips.


High productivity levels not only increase talk time. They contribute to customer loyalty and retention, increase job satisfaction for agents and lower the rate of their attrition, heighten the organisation's image and add value to its brand. Lake consults on back office systems integration to overcome these common impediments to contact centre productivity.


Lake's Solutions

Desktop Integration

A complete agent desktop solution designed and developed by Lake for multi-data sources. It encompasses automated data retrieval, database updating, embedded business rules and script consistency. Empower agents to deliver fast, accurate and simple transaction outcomes for an enhanced customer experience.


Contact Centre Solutions

While we have been designing, installing and supporting customer contact centre solutions for more than twenty years, our expertise goes far beyond the systems themselves. Every solution is designed to maximise contact centre effectiveness.