Who We Are

Australian-owned Lake Corporation has supplied and supported specialist contact centre solutions since 1992. We are committed to optimal contact centre effectiveness with intelligent, multi-media technology backed by professional services, quality training and on-going support. Our clients include major banks and other financial institutions, retailers, telecommunication carriers, service bureaux, and not-for-profit organisations.


How We Operate

Firstly, we ensure we completely understand our client's operational and business objectives. Only then do we consider ourselves fully qualified to discuss how those objectives could best be met with a customer contact centre solution. We maintain that the contact centre is our client's most important window to its customers and must therefore portray the most favourable impression possible. If the customer experiences a productive and generally rewarding contact centre interaction, they will come back, if not, they will go elsewhere.


In gaining our understanding of a client's needs we recognise that every situation is unique, which is why no two Lake solutions are ever the same. Would the client be best served with a CTI based solution or with Unified Communications, Social and Multi-media, or a combination of communication channels?


We also recognise that while a given need could often be addressed by more than one technology, our recommended approach also takes operation, cost and logistical consideration into account. How will the Lake solution preserve the client's existing infrastructure investment? How will the current back office systems be integrated with the Contact Centre? Should the solution be housed on the client's premises or accessed remotely from the secure environment of a Data Centre or Cloud.


Our Products & Solutions

Lake supplies, installs and supports leading technologies focusing on voice and multi-media interaction, and simplified information retrieval and management. Every solution is designed to maximise contact centre effectiveness in order to contain operating costs, provide high levels of job satisfaction for agents, produce the best possible experience for customers, and improve business outcomes.




With Lake, we collect more money in less time and at lower cost.

Paul Cooney - Managing Director, ARL

Lake has delivered unified solutions that have increased inbound and outbound call productivity.  It also integrates seamlessly with our financial and CRM systems for dramatically reduced back office workloads.” 

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