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XCalibur® Agent Evaluation

Lake is pleased to announce the release of the XCalibur® Agent Evaluation module, broadening our existing XCalibur® range.


With XCalibur® Agent Evaluation, Team Leaders and QA staff can monitor and coach agents in real time to optimise business performance by improving quality and customer experiences and to detect inefficient processes.


To enhance and broaden the scope of monitoring, integrated recording options enable calls to be recorded and tagged to allow targeted retrieval, review and scoring. Scoring in turn, pinpointed to the business’ needs for example, identify agent training needs, or evaluate customer experience, then facilitates the reports which document the evaluation for analysis.


This evaluation process tests the effectiveness of your contact centre which will help;


  • Measure agent adherence to internal policies and procedures.
  • Identify the training needs for individual agents.
  • Discover best practices and incorporate them into training programs.
  • Evaluate customer needs and expectations.
  • Identify policies or processes that frustrate customers.


The XCalibur® Agent Evaluation module enables new scorecards to be configured within minutes. It includes a set of standard reports that comprise graphical, summary, detailed and drill down formats. Each report results are selected by Date Range and may be filtered by combinations of Agent, Campaign, and Scorecard. Each report can be printed, or exported to MS Excel for further analysis, PDF for emailing or MS Word for customised reporting.


Pushkar Taneja – 10/03/2014



Lake Managed Service Program (LMSP)

We are excited about signing a major customer with Lake’s Managed Services Program.


During 2013, Lake started to work with existing and new clients about providing an innovative program which addressed services as well as Telephony and Contact Centre Technologies. Whilst some customers prefer purchasing the technology, there are others who prefer a Managed Services type approach. What we understood is that a Managed Services Program needs to be flexible, in that some customer want the technology at their premises and for others the technology needs to be in a Data Centre where there is high level of security, backup power, air conditioning – all of these to be available 24 X 7, essentially providing high availability of the technology.


This is where we believe LMSP is unique, as we listen to what our customers want and provide a solution that best meets their needs, both from a technology perspective and also commercially. As mentioned earlier, based on the flexibility we were able to demonstrate, some of our customers have adopted LMSP including a large deployment of our IP Telephony and Contact Centre solution by a leading organisation in their respective field.


Pushkar Taneja – 12/02/2014



Solution enhancements

At Lake we have been busy as we have been working with some new and some enhanced solutions to strengthen our solutions portfolio.


On the solutions side, we have started to work with Telstrat – a Call Recording and Work Force Optimisation provider and have new customers on board with others in the pipeline to address the client’s call recording and compliance needs. We chose the Telstrat solution as it’s very flexible and also cost effective platform..


To complement Call Recording, Lake has developed XCalibur® Agent Evaluation, a module that allows an organisation to apply a score based on a few questions related to their business environment. For example, did the agent clearly state the company they were representing. The benefit of the scoring allows the team leader and managers to evaluate how the agents are performing when attending to calls and also provides the agents with their relevant score. This module is compatible with the majority of call recording systems.


In addition, we have integrated the XCalibur® Agent Desktop with, Microsoft CRM and other leading host and databases to provide a very flexible desktop that provides automation and compliance. The XCalibur® Agent Desktop also integrates with Email, SMS, Web, Chat and voice to provide a true Unified Agent Desktop. Based on independent research, unified desktop enhances customer service, improves agent scoring by the customer and improves overall agent productivity and therefore enhanced customer experience and therefore enhanced business results.


Pushkar Taneja – 18/01/2014



Lake Corporation announces valuable new tools for improved contact centre operations.

Wholly Australian-owned Lake Corporation has announced important enhancements to its flagship customer contact solution, XCalibur® Unified Agent Desktop. The company’s locally developed XCalibur® range was designed specifically for the contact centre needs of smaller organisations shortly after Lake’s founding 20-plus years ago.


The new enhancements to XCalibur® Unified Agent Desktop are XCalibur® Scripts and XCalibur® Statistics.


XCalibur's XHost module now includes integration with leading CRM vendors and MS Dynamics CRM.


Announcing these enhancements, Lake Corporation director and general manager, Pushkar Taneja, said, “What started out as a very well received but admittedly narrow offering is today’s broad portfolio. XCalibur® Desktop now comprises a wide suite of complimentary tools that deliver an advanced and complete end-to-end customer engagement solution."


This goes from PBX systems for unified communications all the way to customer interaction in a full multimedia environment: email, text, web browser, SMS, fax and chat, as well as voice, of course.


Both enhancements strengthen compliance aid for the agent. Moreover, they will also help extend the 50 per cent or more productivity gains enjoyed by Lake XCalibur® Desktop users, when compared with other systems. 


Implementing XCalibur® Scripts helps contact centre managers raise the quality of customer interaction on the part of every agent in the centre, including temporary agents who need to be brought up to speed quickly for short term campaigns. It does this by capturing the behaviours of the more productive agents and emulating them throughout the centre.


The benefits become obvious very quickly: reduced average call handling time, better first call resolution rates and – very importantly – an improved experience for the customer. In addition, agent churn is reduced due to improved job satisfaction from up-skilling.


XCalibur® Statistics goes an important step further than measuring only the effectiveness of the centre’s processes. For example, while measuring activities such as average call handling time is important, the parallel understanding of customer satisfaction is equally so. A quickly completed interaction can be seriously self-defeating if the caller is left unsatisfied as a result and has to call back.


When outcomes such as ‘sale’, ‘no sale’ and ‘promise to pay’, etc. are the only things measured, there is no record of the actions and behaviours that led to them. XCalibur® Statistics captures that path, revealing what works and what doesn’t in given situations. When analysed over time and across all interactions, this level of granularity delivers valuable insights for ongoing improvement.


XCalibur® Scripts and XCalibur® Statistics are available now as add-on software for Lake’s existing XCalibur® Desktop users, and Lake consulting services will advise on their integration with other customer contact systems.


Pushkar Taneja – 02/10/2013




Nimble adopts Lake Customer Contact Centre solution to support continuing, customer-centric, business growth.


Turning to Lake Corporation for an advanced in-house customer contact centre solution was just another step in the recent and impressively fast growth of Nimble Australia Pty Ltd. The market leading short term credit provider has more than doubled the size of its business in less than two years, with its contact centre staff climbing from 35 to almost 80 during that time.


A growth rate this outstanding results from focusing on excellent customer service – says the company – and has not gone unnoticed by others. Nimble was an Awardee in the prestigious ‘BRW / GE Capital Finance, Momentum Mid-Market Awards 2013’ and ‘SmartCompany, Smart 50 Awards 2013’ programs.


Lake Corporation is an Australian-owned customer contact specialist whose systems have been used by leading banks and other financial institutions since 1992. For Nimble, Lake supplied its XCalibur® Connect solution to maintain the very high levels of customer service the company insists on and takes pride in.


Lake general manager Pushkar Taneja said his company was delighted to have been invited to help Nimble maintain its growth momentum. “Nimble exhibits the very best in Australian business initiative, based on an unwavering focus on excellent customer service. We are honoured that they chose to join our community of Lake clients in the financial services sector.”


Designed for both inbound and outbound contact centre operations and with automatic call distribution, preview and predictive dialling and much more, Lake’s XCalibur® Connect is used by Nimble to ensure customer enquiries are responded to without delay and the company honours its promise to approve applications as swiftly as possible.


While Nimble’s business model is essentially an online one, loan applicants often want to speak to the company and the company will sometimes need to call them. Nimble’s Operations Manager, Andrew Kirkwood says, “That’s where the Lake solution really comes into its own. Rather than having agents going through lists of numbers and physically keying them in, the solution removes that delay.”


He adds, “And if we don’t manage to get through to a customer first time, the Lake solution creates a record of the attempted call for our customer relationship management system (CRM). Then, if the customer calls back before we try calling them again, our agent who takes that call has a complete picture of the situation.”


Andrew Kirkwood said he looked at several different options before choosing Lake. Amongst his reasons for that choice were: being able to integrate the Lake solution with Nimble’s existing CRM and other in-house systems in order to drive all operations through one front end; XCalibur® Connect’s scalability; and being able to own the system and have it in-house rather than adopt a hosted alternative with recurring annual costs.


He added, “Lake took the trouble to properly understand what we wanted to do. They were flexible in their approach and willing to work with us when compared with other providers we spoke to”.


Pushkar Taneja – 25/09/2013



Nexidia Inc

We were delighted to learn – delighted but hardly surprised – that Nexidia, Inc. was named this month as the 2013 Speech Analytics Market Winner by Speech Technology Magazine, the leading news outlet in this sector. Nexidia is the basis of Lake’s XCalibur® Voice Analytics solution and this was the seventh consecutive year our partner had enjoyed this distinction. The award was announced at the annual SpeechTEK Conference in New York this month.


XCalibur® Voice analytics uses the Nexidia phonetic search engine to uncover information that can otherwise go uncaptured, together with potentially lost business opportunities and danger signals. The system provides three key advantages compared with conventional speech-to-text recording. Rather than just recognising the words in a pre-set vocabulary, it captures an actual understanding of the dialogue. It is also captures entire dialogues rather just samples; is very much faster than conventional recording; and needs much less IT resource. Again, if you would like to know more, please get in touch.



Pushkar Taneja – 21/08/2013



Mitel IP-PBX

I can announce that we have further expanded our already wide portfolio of contact centre solutions by adding the Mitel IP-PBX system to Lake’s range. The product is a market leader and Mitel Networks Corporation has a long history of finding new and innovative ways to solve complex business communication challenges. The company positions itself as having helped usher in the Voice over Internet Protocol to start the evolution away from TDM switches.


We are finding strong interest in our introduction of the Mitel system and have already secured our first commitments to it. If you would like to discuss how its adoption might benefit your own customer contact centre operations, please call me or talk to your regular Lake contact.



Pushkar Taneja – 21/08/2013



Voice Biometrics

I’m happy to report that we have lately had several gratifying successes. A number of existing clients have enhanced their Lake installations and new clients have come on board. So the team here has been kept busy, as always.


Our workload has included further expanding the Lake suite. What started out as a fairly narrow contact centre offering is today’s broad portfolio of complimentary tools that deliver an advanced and complete end-to-end customer engagement solution. This goes from PBX systems for unified communications all the way to customer interaction in a full multimedia environment – email, text, web browser, SMS, fax and chat, as well as voice.


In addition to XCalibur® Desktop and XCalibur® Connect, the Lake XCalibur® range now includes XCalibur® Voice Biometrics .


XCalibur® Voice Biometrics enables highly secure self-service for both contact centre efficiency and a better experience for the customer. It also does away with irritating and time-wasting spoken identity checks for agents, callers and the called. And in what has now been a 15-year journey since our market leading XCalibur® Desktop user interface was introduced in 1998, with legacy systems integration for CRM, financial control, HR and more, it now includes XCalibur® Scripts and XCalibur® Statistics.


Pushkar Taneja – 29/05/2013



Voice Analytics

XCalibur® Voice Analytics added to Lake’s solutions portfolio.


Greetings from Lake with another of my periodic brief updates this one is to announce that we have added XCalibur® Voice Analytics to the portfolio of Lake solutions.


I plan to continue communicating in this way from time to time, as and when we have news about Lake Corporation which I believe may interest you.


The news of the moment is our adding Voice Analytics to our already comprehensive suite of solutions for best practice customer contact.


Lake's 'XCalibur® Voice Analytics' is based on technology we are licensing from Nexidia, Inc., a leader in this field.


While contact centre managers have long searched samples of customer/agent voice interactions, looking for pointers to potential opportunities and issues, the findings of those limited samplings have unavoidably been statistically unreliable.


With Lake's XCalibur® Voice Analytics, however, every call is automatically sampled; looking not only for what words are spoken, but how they are spoken.


It's a big story and we'd like the opportunity to tell you about it in full. The benefits for users of XCalibur® Voice Analytics are potentially enormous in terms of improved contact centre productivity and improved customer satisfaction.


Meanwhile, I know that not everyone on our list received my earlier update of this nature, in June, when I talked about our newly established 'Optimisation Practice' to complement 'Workforce Management' projects, and 'XCalibur Voice Biometrics' for more efficient and secure caller identity checking.


That update in June also mentioned that Lake was enjoying a good year for business and I'm happy to report that our successes continue.


If you would like to know more about the current state of play at Lake Corporation, including XCalibur® Voice Analytics, the Optimisation Practice or XCalibur® Voice Biometrics – together with our continuing drive to deliver new ways to help our clients improve contact centre productivity – do feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to arrange a presentation.


Pushkar Taneja – 17/10/2012



Lake’s new business development manager a contact centre sales veteran

Contact centre solutions specialist, Lake Corporation Pty Limited, has appointed David Wyndham as business development manager, based at the company’s head office in Sydney. This is a new position and complements Lake’s sales and marketing functions as the company widens its portfolio of offerings and continues to grow.


His new start with the company is his third; the first having been as one of Lake’s founding group of employees 20 years ago, this year.


David Wyndham’s own unbroken involvement in the contact centre business goes back even further and according to Pushkar Taneja – Lake’s sales and marketing director – He is the ideal person for the challenges of the business development role in our drive for increased market share.


David’s deep understanding of the sector and long-time record of sales success is also exactly right for us as we broaden our portfolio of solutions to help customers optimise their contact centre operations.


Australian-owned Lake was founded in 1992 and has customers across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Lake solutions have been adopted by major banks and other financial institutions, leading telecommunications carriers, leading retailers, telemarketers, service bureaux, retailers, collections agencies and charities.


Pushkar Taneja – 24/02/2012




Senior appointment – Contact Centre specialist

Contact centre solutions specialist, Lake Corporation Pty Limited, has appointed Pushkar Taneja as sales and marketing director. He reports to Lake’s founder and CEO, John Latreille, and was previously with Lake for seven years in the 1990s.


Australian-owned Lake dates from 1992 and has customers across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Lake solutions have been adopted by major banks and other financial institutions, leading telecommunications carriers, leading retailers, telemarketers, service bureaux, retailers, collections agencies and charities.


Pushkar Taneja has spent more than 20 years in the information technology industry – predominantly in senior roles in the contact centre space.


Speaking of his return to Lake, he said, “My immediate primary focus will be to further develop the company’s presence in financial and other key markets, and quickly grow the Lake presence in New Zealand. In addition, I will be applying my long time Asia Pacific marketing experience in order to strengthen our push into the rapidly growing markets of the wider Asia Pacific region.”


Earlier, Pushkar was Asia Pacific vice president of Aspect Software, the global company whose products – along with Lake’s proprietary XCalibur® suite for the multimedia integrated contact centre – are part of the overall Lake offering. In that role, he led successful new market development initiatives in India, Korea, Thailand and The Philippines. Immediately before joining Lake this time around, he spent five years with solutions integrator GlobalConnect Australia where his last position was managing director. A long time sales achiever, Pushkar came to IT from a different type of high flying when his previous career was as a bush pilot in the Northern Territory.


John Latreille – 28/11/2011